CCAMS: A Tool for Co-Curricular Activities Management

Muhammad Farhan, Kaleem Razzaq Malik, Dr. Amjad Farooq

Learning management systems are widely used and also available in open source repositories for the curricular activities management. In this paper we will explore some learning management systems to check the support of co-curricular activities management. Students learn with the co-curricular activities along with curricular activities. We have implemented a web based system for this purpose and will present its 3-tier structure and some code snippets explaining the basic features of the system. In this paper we will try to show its importance with respect to current trend of learning and management through World Wide Web. Read more… or Download
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CPECAEE: Collaboration Platform for Extra Curricular Activities in the E-learning Environment

M. Farhan, S. S. Muhammad, M. Anwar and A. Q. Mohsin

Virtual university of Pakistan is the first E-learning University in the country which is working in more than hundred cities of Pakistan and providing quality education to more than 60,000 students. Currently the university is using a learning management system named as Virtual University Learning Management Systems VULMS, which is providing a collaboration platform to the teachers and students for curricular activities. Using the current platform the teacher can create and manage course contents, and grade assignments and quizzes. Discussion board of VULMS provides the collaboration platform to the students on specified lectures of the courses. This platform (VULMS) does not provide any facility for extra-curricular activities. We will use a tool for extra curricular activities and gather the data to show how extra-curricular activities can enhance the growth of students. Extra curricular activities help in improving the mental health of the students. The tutor manages student interaction in these activities. Integration of this tool is proposed for the better collaboration of students in the e-learning environment for their professional and personnel development. Read more… or Download

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